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OPI: Matte Polish for All

Since we covered Man Glaze way back in January, the trend in matte nail polish has trickled down to standard polish makers. Nail salon staple OPI has just released a line of matte polishes (in stores now).OPI Matte Nail Lacquers come in six shades, my favorites of which are “Lincoln Park after Dark”, “You Don’t Know Jacques”, and “Russian Navy”. The dark matte colors are worn without a top coat, and seem to look best on short, well manicured nails.



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  1. I lOVE OPI. I try not to wear anything else. I will have to go out a pcik up a new Matte shade to go with my TRUCO Matte Lipstick.

  2. I actually own You Don’t Know Jacques (it’s the only polish I took with me to Berlin!) but it looks shiny on my nails. I didn’t know it was supposed to be matte. It’s still a damn cool color.

  3. Nubar has V for Men Matte Top Coat, I heard Essie is coming out with one as well.

    Zoya’s Matte collection is AMAZING. I’m wearing the Posh shade, which is a deep wine color and it’s awesome. I cannot wait to get the rest of the collection, a black shimmer and grey shimmer.

  4. there is a brand that is quite cheap but amazing in quality called Inglot, and they make matt black nail polish as well as many many other colours

  5. omg, i have been searching for matte nail polish in black!! i’ll get my salon to special order it for me, as i doubt it’ll be otherwise available where i live…
    cool! glad i saw this post.

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