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Spastic Elastic


I love, love, love the new trend in elastic. Not because it is flattering, versatile, and makes your old clothes look new again, even though those things are true. But because it is 99 cents a yard at Joannes, and this stuff is so easy it doesn’t even require a sewing machine. My apologies to the designers at Savant, because I really love their work. But this is an easy DIY knockoff, and I’m all over it.



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  1. That skirt is amazing!

    Btw, just wanted to ask you to come and visit my blog if you’ll have some free time.

    I’m very new to here and some support would be great if you’re interested.:)

  2. Jen, I don’t think that’s offensive. She was just pointing out that it didn’t require any pro equipment.

    More power to you guys that CAN make this on your own! I tried my hand at something like this a few years ago and failed miserably.

    I really, really love that skirt though. It reminds me of Bordlle’s stuff!

  3. I think the insulting part may be the sentence “this stuff is so easy it doesn’t even require a sewing machine”

  4. I disagree, Laura. Part of the beauty of fashion is the fact that it is meant to inspire people. If you feel inspired enough to create your own version of an outfit because of your inability to afford the original or the fact that it’s one of a kind, that’s part of the reason a designer created what they did in the first place – to stretch and amuse the imagination. As long as you don’t start hawking them off to friends as an original piece and credit the original as in inspiration, ie “I made for myself, but it’s based on a design I saw by _____”, I find nothing ethically wrong with creating a personal version of a high end find.

    Most of us will never be able to afford the objects of our fashion affection, so why not try and do what we can to live the dream?

  5. I don’t think this is appropriate telling people to knock off a designer like this. If you want to post that this is how you can make a cool bondage outfit then fine, but you are using the designers photos. This is not nice at all. I’m sure they wouldn’t like you using their photos they spent time and money on.

  6. I love this trend, too! I definitely made myself one of the harnesses that iheartnorwegianwood made on etsy, for 7 dollars and some labor, I got a great piece that may have just gotten me a fashion internship!