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The Half-Blood Prince



With the constant flirtation-perhaps even romance- between Goth and fashion, it was bound to happen sooner or later. There was destined to be a child of both worlds. MeetĀ  Jethro Cave. The waify, androgynous model is all of 19 and walking the runway for Balenciaga. Oh. Did I mention he’s Nick Cave’s kid?

Feelin’ old yet?



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  1. Agreed. Not a beautiful as his father, at any age (Nick Cave is STILL one handsome fella) but nevertheless … wow, he’s got a beautiful aesthetic. Alicia, can you point us in the direction of any interviews?

  2. What am i missing here – there’s throngs of boys with these looks walking the streets of SF and NYC (at least) every day; i entreat us not to play along with the anti-meritocratic crap of nepotism.

  3. pity he’s not as rarrrr handsome as his father. maybe he’ll grow into it. he’s got the same saucy little snarl though. šŸ˜‰

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