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You Win Some, You Lose Some

In fashion, it is important to experiment, to try something new, to go out on a limb.

Sometimes, you try something weird and you succeed. Like this bathing suit with jacket.

Ocean Drive bathing suit with jacket

And sometimes, it just goes terribly wrong. Like leggings with crotch straps.

Bathing suit photo from July/August issue of Ocean Drive, photography by Nicole Trunfio.

Leggings by Anzevino & Florence.


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  1. It actually took me a minute of looking at that picture to figure out what I was supposed to be seeing.

    Those leggings are just so…nonsensical! It adds inconvenience without any sort of fashion benefit whatsoever!

  2. The jacket and the bathing suit are both good stand alone pieces in themselves. They complement each other rather well.
    Now I need to see what the rest of the bathing suit looks like. There’s a lot to be said for covering up with style. I really dig that retro cut.

  3. but she wasnt the photographer though…

    i like the way the jacket + bathing suit looks. but i really think it’s one of those things that looks fabulous in editorials but not so much in real life.
    and i really just dont “get” the leggings with the straps, it’s just plain stupid.

  4. Are these photos from the same photo shoot?

    That jacket in the first shoot is wonderful though…where is the jacket/photoshoot from?

  5. I saw those leggings, as I was browsing through 80’s Purple.
    I’m glad I wasn’t losing it by thinking to myself “Holy Bejezeesus! Is this what we’ve come to??”.
    I don’t mind a little restriction for fashion, but I honestly don’t see the need to have bungie cords connected to my thighs.
    What’s next? Ankle cuffs? Wait…..that’d be great if you were sitting all day.