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Alexander McQueen Knockoff Win

You may remember the Alexander McQueen Pelle Leather Sandals we covered in a recent Covet Garden:


Well, thanks to HM reader Rachel for catching this damn good knockoff , available for Pre-Order from Steve Madden (sadly, minus the little skull zippers). Priced at $129,  but I found you a sale:  20% Off Plus Free Shipping No Minimum Order using Code MADDEN20 at checkout Now through 8/24! .


Samantha kindly asks that you save her a size 6.

Why are her feet so small? I can never borrow her footwear.

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  1. Rachel, I’ve come to find the peep toe high heels to be prety cute but the boots bother me because your whole foot is covered up, save one or two toes. I simply don’t understand the logic. Atleast with peep toe heel, the top of the foot is bare so that the toes are not the only thing showing. If these were a closed toe boot I’d be alllllll over them.

  2. yeah im with you on the open toe bit. I like people to look at the boots/shoes, not muh toes. Madden has quite a few good ones this time around, along with Aldos.
    The Mistress (steve madden) is a pretty sweet boot that “knock”‘s off the classic fetish boot. It’s MUCH cheaper than the sunset boulevard counter part that was offered on Zappos for a while.

    Im a shoe fiend, with too much internet time, lol.

  3. You do rule. If I didn’t have a pet peeve with boots that have an open toe, I’d be ALL over these. Except for the zipper pull you can hardly tell the difference between the two! I love the cuff.