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Bat Pack?

Yesterday, Nixon found something full of wow in a I Want That & I Want That NAO sort of way.  Today, I found this, and I’m not really entirely sure which Full of Wow to file this under.


Oh yeah.  It’s a back pack.  A dragon backpack.  It is so made of magic that I shrieked and jumped up and down on my couch and scared all of my cats when I discovered it.


See!?  You can even put your cell phone in its mouth.  It’s handy.

Did I mention that the wings actually unfold?

Wings-4Via With Asian Stereotypes

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  1. OMG I WOULD NEVER STOP WEARING THIS!!! I NEED IT :O !! if only i could get one before non-uniform Friday! 🙁

    where can u buy one????????

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  3. Oh Gods… My baby!! Where have you been all my life?! I must have you! Be mine and I shall never want for another backpack! I shall wear you with lingerie! I shall wear you with everything! You and I were meant to be!

  4. THAT IS FREAKING AMAZING. I want one! I would wear it to school and be like, “LOOK AT MY PET DRAGON!! >:D”

    …then I would smack people with the wings. :3
    …and probably get suspended. OH WELL

  5. Ah yeah zvenig always had awesome leather armor and masks. I sure hope someone has the money to keep this guy in business; his work is stunning.

  6. @Prêt: Why the heck would you remove everything that makes this awesome? It would then be just another boring backpack. I think you are reading the wrong blog! 🙂

  7. …yeah but the head has the mouth which holds your cell and in my opinion thats the best part.

    i think that the backpack might be worn better by tall people,being small i think the size of it will swallow me up.

  8. Woah. Speechless. Shit. Awesome!! I would never ever get one myself – but would totally be like COOL if I saw someone else wearing it! 😀

  9. This is pretty I ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS but I don’t really think I have anything to wear it with.

    Why didn’t you list the price?? Is it too devastating?