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Cover Up Critique


I just heard about Kat Von D adding a tattoo concealer to her Sephora cosmetic line.

“Weddings.  Job interviews.  Lazer treatment-phobia.  Meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.  These are all good reasons why you might wanna cover up your tattoo.  Just like with the rest of your makeup, you have the choice of being versatile and ever-evolving.”

My opinion on the product is somewhat biased, as my tattoos stretch down to my fingertips, and I haven’t had the occasion to have to cover them in quite some time. Even with that mindset, I can understand why someone would want to cover something small for one reason or another, so a concealer could come in handy.  Rather than a reality show star’s brand, I’d go with stage makeup concealer to do the job.  The majority of the positive feedback for the Sephora product is in regards to it being used for under-eye circles or blemishes, but overall, it seems to fall short for its advertised purpose.

Personally, I’d rather stick with M.A.C. Studio Fix for my foundation and cover up needs, and the price tags are just about the same.

Has anyone out there tried it out?  I’m curious what you think.


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  1. We are a new tattoo cover up cosmetic company which specializes specifically in temporary tattoo cover up and think we can help.

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    Just to be clear we love tattoos, embrace self expression and encourage individualism, which we try to constantly demonstrated though our mission statement “Conceal Your Image, Not Your Identity™”.  As tattoo enthusiasts ourselves we hope not to impel tattoo cover up but instead support those which choose to or feel pressure to cover a tattoo.  For more about us, please visit our website at http://FerbsCosmetics.com. 

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  2. Imagine looking at a person with what is pretty much foundation all over there body?
    It would be as bad as a horrible fake tan if you can’t match it up with your skin colour and it would be uncomfortable, it would probably get on your clothes.
    Tattoos are art, if people can’t accept that then they are the people who can’t appreciate good art.
    You wouldn’t go to a gallery and cover up the paintings, photos etc.. so why cover the tattoos on your body.
    If you find the need to cover them, you probably shouldn’t have had then in the first place.

  3. I’m completely covered with tattoos, but left my fingers, neck and feet out for a good reason. If I ever feel like covering them, I just put on fingerless gloves, high heeled sandals and long sleeves. I don’t have the time to cover them, to be honest.

    I’m a big fan of Kat’s, I’ve got both sleeves done my her and she’s an amazing artist. Really like the signature black and blue eyeliners, they’re perfect for day-to-day use and they create the perfect dramatic line I’m looking for.

    However, I find tattoo concealers very and truly horrible to use. They melt, smell weird and you can, yes, still see your tattoos underneath, not to mention the weird feeling they give you. Your skin feels very uncomfortable and thick. If you want tattoos, you’d better be ready to show them to the world.

  4. I actually went to Sephora the other day to pick some stuff up and decided to give it a whirl just for the heck of it. It definitely is no good as a tattoo concealer. I put on one coat and you could still see my tattoo pretty clearly. You’d probably need three or four coats to do the trick and even then the coloring would be a little off.

  5. Kat Von D’s products are made and marketed by Sephora. Their basic line has the same concealer for less. I too would recommend Dermablend instead. I do like the red lipsticks in the Kat Von D line, get staying power, no feathering, and they have a matte finish that I like.

  6. My best advice for concealer is to go with stage make-up, Kryolan to be specific (http://www.kryolan.com/index.php) I’ve used their foundation for years, and it is amazing. I wear it out to clubs and if you apply it correctly it doesn’t budge, which is more that I can say for any of the long-lasting foundations from regular brands that I’ve tried.
    I’ve used both the Ultrafoundation (in the Kryolan range) and the TV stick, and they rock. The TV stick would be the one to use to cover tattoos, as I’ve used it to cover large dark moles with great success. Their stuff also comes in a ridiculous range of colours (up to 120 shades), unlike Kat Von D’s.

  7. If your looking for a really great tattoo coverup check out Ferbs Cosmetics, Tattoo Undercover. Available in 5 skin tones and there’s a great video on the website which shows an application over a huge tattoo…and no air brushing 🙂 http://bit.ly/18SeNT

  8. I had to cover my tats for years when I was dancing, and if you need to cover them you really have two options. Derma-Blend, which is expensive and made to cover things like birthmarks, but gets flaky over time on areas where the skin flexes, and plain old Revlon ColorStay base. Pick it one shade lighter than your shin- it darkens as it dries. Apply liberally, let dry completly, powder to blend. It will not come off, it will not flake, and it’s only like $10 a bottle.

  9. My guess about those photos is that the concealer was airbrushed on, which could be why it looks so thick. If the images had a lot of post on them, her skin would have been even toned where there wasn’t any makeup.

  10. Not that I understand Portuguese, but I’m going to hazard a guess that one thing Julia pointed out is that Kat Von D looked fucking weird with that concealer slathered all over her body, especially since there were very obvious issues with it not being blended well or matching her skin tone. The post-processing on that picture is extensive, as her skin looks great.


  11. Plus… It’s Kats makeup is only for white people!!!! There are more colors in the skin rainbow of the world that wears tattoos and may need to cover them up.