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Death Becomes Her


Barney’s New York came under fire last month for this window display in which remarkably un-realistic mannequins wearing Helmut Lang and ALC were posed in postures suggestive of attack, and the windows were blood spattered. Normally callous New Yorkers apparently freaked right out, Barney’s backpedaled and claimed their creative director had been out when the displays went up, and the whole thing was over and the display removed in less time than it takes to catch a New York Cab.

Obviously, these people have forgotten that advertising, violence, and poor taste go together like ice cream and cake and cake! Some of my favorite examples of the genre:

deisel girl tied to train tracks


Picture 18

And, just in case you thought this was a modern trend…

old advertising violence against women


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  1. I can’t tell if the old timey ones are the most disturbing or the most frank. Either way, I agree with many of the above, I’d like some “mennequins” in the window too …

  2. @f_fiend: Maybe it’s the same mentality that causes people to cover themselves with sheets after watching slasher films, as though an axe murderer will be waylayed by a few inches of fabric and batting.

    Curiously enough, I just got finished reading BoingBoing’s entry on anatomical wax models, including anatomical Venuses ( And creepily enough, there’s a link there to an image of Duchamp’s Etant donnes:

    Happy Sunday, everyone.

  3. Why would that lady in photo 5 put her purse in front of her face? would’nt she prefer her purse to not have holes blown in it?


  4. You know, I think I would have liked that glass window display if maybe some of the victim mannequins were male…women and violence go together too much these days, too glorified, and everything…

  5. Well– note how all those ads are violence being perpetrated against women? & given the, well, real world actual problems with rape & domestic violence, outright glamorizing of it is pretty…well, gauche. So yeah– colour me one of those NYC hardboiled who had a problem with it.