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Leather for Swelter

muubaa leatherCurved Zip Jacket †  Buckle Detail Drape Neck Waistcoat

Despite it being completely out of season right now, while most of us are sweltering in the August heat, I can’t seem to stop checking out fall jackets.  Obviously, I am wishing for cooler weather and it’s accompanying broader wardrobe options.  I came across Muubaa’s leather collection and was full of “Ohhh… that’s Rick Owen-ish” sentiments.  Give me over-sized collars and anything with the word drape in the description, and I am a happy consumer.

Prices average around £200, but as I haven’t ordered anything I cannot testify to their quality.

muubaa leather2Buckle Detail Jacket †  Anthracite Jacket


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  1. Both the third and the fourth jackets are amazing. The third one has a beautiful collar/neckline and I’m loving the buckle closures. The fourth one reminds me of the tops that people wear who do martial arts. It’s both classy and culturally influenced which is a good mix to have.

  2. I totally agree with you about the color, Melissa. My skin tone would look neon green in that, but I loved the cut of it so much I posted regardless.

  3. i never even wear the color, but, i think i’d live in the second one! i agree so much on the “oversized collars and drape”!!! (don’t feel so bad about looking at jackets, i just bought a long sleeved sweater while existing in the heat of florida august. i couldn’t help myself!)