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Shiny Thing

Cesare Paciotti sequin platform wedge

While these Cesare Paciotti sequin wedges make my little black heart go pitter-pat, the fact is I’m probably never going to be able to afford them. But sequins are in for Fall in a big way, and they are one of those things you can pay as much or as little for as you care to.

Fall’s sequins are different than your memories of the 1980’s, my dears. First off, think casual: tank tops, miniskirts, and motorcycle jackets, not prom dresses. Then, think mixed: one sequined something is enough: leave the sequined top with sequined jacket and sequined heels to Junior League fundraisers.

Allow me to demonstrate the inexplicable range of prices involved:

sequin sequined tank top

Alice +Olivia Sequin Tank, $390 † Racerback Sequin Tank, $29.59 † Sequin Spaghetti Stap Top, $12.90

sequin sequined mini skirt

Joseph Mini Sequin Skirt † $412.50 BCBGeneration Sequin Mini

$58 Serena Mini, $14.99

Of course, while looking for tank tops and mini skirts I got distracted by some other shiny things along the way. My favorites:

black sequin accessories blazer

Sequin Cuff
, $2.99  Black Sequin Blazer, $ 168.00

Rebels Women’s Fortune Skimmer,Black, $48.95


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  1. wow. I have 2 black on black sequined tops that I bought… 3 years ago. and I made cuffs just like that one more than 5 years ago. i’m glad I hung on to them!

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