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TopShop Autumn/Winter 2009

topshop studded cropped military jacket

Topshop has really outdone themselves for the Fall collection with tons of designer-“inspired” looks and straight-up Allsaints knockoffs. The shoes and outerwear are the best things overall, but you’ll find some great looks in dresses, skirts, and accessories too. Check out the entire collection HERE.





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  1. i dont know, whenever i go on the topshop website im never impressed. the quality always looks iffy to me. ive never seen any of their stuff in person, so the shipping is too high for something i have no idea on how it’s gonna turn out.

  2. That jacket in the lower left looks cool. The closeup of it isn’t as nice. ;p In the little preview it looks like it has poofy sleeves. Alot of the shoes look really nice tho. Especially the boots.

    I was at forever 21 yesterday and I saw two blatant copies of allsaints pintuck style skirts. They were so poorly made and looked terrible tho. Of course, most stuff there is copies anyway. ;p

  3. Damn! I’m already excited for winter! I just designed jackets like the black leather w/ fur one for a school project. (inspired by Rick Owens Fall 2009) It’s nice to know I may actually be able to make it in this biz.
    Thanks so much for posting this, I’ll be watching for when they go on sale now.

  4. Wow, haven’t been in Top Shop for ages, everything was too neon earlier this year, but seeing this, I feel a trip coming on! :o)