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Upcoming Bay Area Event: Damask Boudoir

Damask Boudoir fashion show Oakland opera house

August 8, 2009 at the Oakland Metropolitan Opera House, Social Entropy Presents the Damask Boudoir Fashion Show. Featuring fashion by  Dollymop, Anna Quinones, Luma Gallegos, and more, plus musical, drag, and burlesque performances.

Yours truly will be walking the runway in a dress made of recycled grocery bags for designer Anna Quinones. I had a first fitting today, and it’s much more awesome than it sounds!

Damask Boudoir fashion show Oakland opera house


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  1. Shiesse! Why does all of the interesting stuff have to happen in the Bay area?

    Be sure to post pics after the event. Especially the grocery bag dress.

  2. dude are you local? or don’t answer that, cos that might be kinda dodgy. but that’s cool. thanks for the heads-up at any rate.