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Black Market Baby

black market baby studded leather panet hooded jacket coat

When I mentioned my search for an affordable fall jacket earlier last week, a lot of you guys responded with terrific suggestions!Ā  Rebecca pointed out this studded jacket from Black Market Baby- at $110, well within my set budget! Then I got sidetracked by everything else in the Black Market Baby Etsy store, and figured I should share.

black market baby waterfall leather jacket cropped bondage

black market baby cowl hooded tank top waterfall leather jacket

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  1. Audrey kicks ass!!!

    I love what she does. and I know she’s a fan of this blog so it’s really cool for you guys to post her stuff.

  2. I love Audrey’s clothes so much, I recently posted about her as well! As I write this I’m wearing her assymetric hoodie ($80!) Her bondage leggings are awesome too.

  3. Dahling, the place for you is Kambriel. They have a ton of things that are Haute AND Macabre. For God’s sakes, AMANDA FUCKING PALMER wears Kambriel!