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Black on Black

eva nyiri 1

Once again, a design student has completely blown everyone out of the water with their graduate thesis.  You might remember us mentioning Gwendolyn Huskens some time back (and then Givenchy ripping her off), but this time around we’ve got Hungary’s Éva Nyíri Black on Black collection setting new standards.

eva nyiri 2

Other sites have described the jackets as being inspired by Blade Runner and Portishead, with touches of samurais and Transformers, but personally, I see Sontarans and Egyptian mythology.

eva nyiri 3

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  1. Oh, these are superb. They remind me of the costuming in Guillermo Del Toro’s films. They’d slot perfectly into Hellboy 1 & 2.

    Gosh, just look at the structure to number 2 up there – how can it be so beautiful yet so completely menacing at the same time? Amazing.

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