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If Six Was Nine

If Six was Nine angel wing print dress, Japanese fashion

The enigmatically named Japanese brand If Six Was Nine, available through

The Maniac Corporation.

If Six was Nine, Japanese Fashion lace-up open back skirt

If Six was Nine sheer hoodie, Japanese fashion

If Six was Nine asymmetric back sheer dress, Japanese fashion


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  1. “If Six Was Nine” is one if my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs. Maybe that’s what the name references.

    Oh — and I *need* that wing dress!

  2. Wow! I LOVE Maniac clothing — I have a dress and a shirt, and saw a jacket once I longed for. I was told Maniac was the name of the label; now I know more about the design set up. Absolutely my favorite line for years now.

  3. The brand is “If Six Was Nine”. (I did typo it the second time. Fixed now.) All these images are from the Maniac Corporation site, linked in the article.

  4. Where did you find this? i can’t find any more images, is the name “six by nine” or “if six was nine”?