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Mb999 is a diffusion line (read, slightly cheaper but hardly Target) by LA menswear designer Michel Berandi.  Available at OAK NYC, among other places. Great asymmetric sweaters and jackets, distressed panels, and enough buckles and zippers to make any gothboy a happy camper.

mb999 Michel berandi men's goth fashion


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  2. mb 999 currently only comes up to an XL. Currently available at Oak NYC
    American Rag LA. If you have further questions about the brand please let me know.
    I am the sales director for the line. you can reach me at paul@mediumconcepts.com

  3. Greetings, I am looking for an MB999 Michel Berandi reborn leather coat in XXL. Do you carry this item or do you know someone who does?

    thank you