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NYC Event : Dormitorium


One of my favorite blogs, Morbid Anatomy, has informed me that I missed an exhibit at Parsons entitled Dormitorium : Film Decors by the Brothers Quay while I was in New York City just a few weeks ago.  To make up for my great loss, I expect each of you in the greater New York area to attend.

From the Parsons’ Event listing :

Dormitorium explores the macabre fantasy world of twin brothers Stephen and Timothy Quay through the highly detailed miniature sets of their influential stop-motion animations. Dormitorium, which originated at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, represents the first time the décors of the London-based Quays have been exhibited in N.America. The Brothers have built a cult following with their dark, moody films, which are heavily influenced by Eastern European film, literature, and music and often feature disassembled dolls and no spoken dialogue. The exhibition combines rarely seen, collaboratively designed miniature décors from some of their most prominent works, as well as continuous screenings of excerpts from several of the films.

The Gallery is located at : 2 W. 13th St. Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, and will be on exhibit until Sunday, October 4.  Admission is free!

If you are not able to visit the gallery show, you can always purchase The Brothers Quay DVDs!


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