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Shoeturday & My Retail Remorse

Unfortunately, on my recent trip to New York, I not only missed The Brothers Quay exhibit, but never got a chance to visit Top Shop.  I’ve come to realize this is probably a good thing for my wallet, as I probably would have come home even less financially stable as usual, but would have gained an arsenal of new shoes.  Nixon might die just a tiny bit when she sees the first pair I’ve got posted here, considering her boot lust for The New Fur.

top shop shoes

Baxter Lace Up Over the Knee Boot †  Agressa Ankle Boot

top shop shoes

Punk Corset Sandal †  Simple Shoe Boot

top shop shoes

Paradox Sandal †  Jinx Zip Up Ankle Cuff

I have a strange feeling that, in a parallel universe, I might be a foot fetishist.

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  2. This blog is amazing! Why did I not run across it sooner?!? Love the aesthetic.

    I know what you mean about wondering if you’re a foot fetishist in some parallel universe! Ive wondered the same thing on more than one occasion, as my fondness for fetish inspired footwear is pretty out of control (witness:

    Also, those punk corset sandals have a killer sole.

    X Lauren