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Sumie Tachibana

sumie tachibaba steampunk burner fashion pinstripe heels

Sumie Tachibana’s site comes to us courtesy of HM reader waterfloor, who posted the above jacket in the Affordable Jacket Search. Neither of us are actually sure how affordable it is- Tachibana’s website doesn’t list prices. But it does come with enough cute shoes to warrant a mention!

sumie tachibana lace up boots and bustle skirt


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  2. Hello,

    This is Sumie Tachibana. Thank you for the post and the lovely comments by your readers.
    The fall/winter 2010 jackets range from $350-$1,200. Custom orders are also available upon request. Please send any inquiries to

    As for the spats and leg warmers, they are only accessories to shoes.
    I know they look like part of the shoes, but that’s the whole purpose. You can wear them with any of your shoes and dress them up.
    The spats and leg warmers will be available on starting October 10th! (price range $75 and up)

    Thank you for your support!


    Sumie Tachibana