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The Affordable Jacket Search Begins

Bebe cropped raw leather jacket envelope neck

As Fall approaches, I find myself in desperate need of a cute new jacket. While I am totally in love with the Muubaa jackets Samantha posted a while back, I suppose I should at least see what else is out there- and if I can get away with paying less than Muuba’s $300 to $400 .  I’m starting my jacket search with a price cap- under $250.  The first qualifier for the (kinda) affordable super-cute jacket goes to this raw cut leather cropped jacket from Bebe,  squeaking in at $249.

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  1. I saw one on shopbop that looked like it would be right if styled differently… i think the collar may be too cute:

    this moto one i think has just the right amount of biker chic:

    i’ve always liked this one from Sumie Tachibana, but I do not know what her prices are like… Hmm.
    It’s the first slide in the “Modern Nomad” collection. It’s a dark green hooded one.

  2. I’m afraid to spend that much money on a jacket from Victoria’s Secret because everything I buy from there is so crappy and falls apart. I saw the All saints dresden one but it doesn’t have the portrait collar like I like. Oh well. The BCBG one is nice but it doesn’t look like it’s actually warm.