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  1. You know, I’ve stopped going into the F21 stores. Every time I try, I almost instantly get a headache from whatever god awful music is playing & their terrible lighting & disorganization. I just shop on their site now : the shipping is pretty quick, and the few dollars it costs for it is worth saving the hassle.

  2. Linda, those are some beautiful shoes. I find that I like many of the Pleaser shoes but there is no way that I could navigate a mountain town in those 5+” heels. i’ve found that 4″ is about as high as I can go around here without killing myself with all the ups and downs and uneven pavement.

  3. Oh those shoes are to DIE for! Too bad I haven’t been a size five since grade school. As for Forever 21, how is it that you guys find the most awesome things from the store online but when I go and visit the store it is a bunch of classless, emo, neon 80s, trash? That store has some serious disconnects. I might have to start shopping online instead of driving 50 min in hopes that thier store has something decent.