We’re All Stars, Now | Haute Macabre

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  1. this is neat. i’ve loved manson ever since i was in 7th grade, despite the fact all the other kids thought i was a weirdo for pasting pictures of him all over my books and binders. i still read his “long hard road out of hell” autobiography occasionally. he doesn’t have the same effect he did years ago, but he’s older and the world has changed a lot since then.

    anywhoo this editorial is rad.

  2. Manson’s influence will always be felt, he will continue to inspire, even after he stops making music. That’s how you know how great an artist he is and the impact he’s made in the entertainment industry.

  3. Love it, and love Manson, ESPECIALLY because he brings to the froth the nastiness in people who hate him without understanding anything about him or his music.

  4. MM has never claimed to be a part of gothic music. You have to attribute that to the misinformed media–the epitome of desperation, greed and certainly no talent.

  5. Manson is good, was better in his earlier years but the makeup styles are great. I’d proudly walk around with any of those woman with his style of make up. Anyways mechanical animals and holywood are the highlights of his career.

  6. Laetizia, look up the term “Concept band”, and direct yourself to nachtkabarret.com.
    Read the articles on that website, and you will realize the ignorance in your post.

  7. Manson is a hideous blight in the world of gothic music as he is incorrectly described as such. He is nothing but a desperate, money-grubbing shock-rocker with no talent.