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Adding One To The List


About two weeks ago, I moved back to New York City after almost a decade of living in Southern California.  Yesterday, I was informed that my idea of a winter coat has nothing to do with the reality of winter in the North East, and the Marla Singer jacket I tried on in H&M wasn’t going to cut it (even though it was effin’ awesome).  Now, I am on the hunt for something that will keep me warm and not break my bank, but will not make me look like a giant black clad marshmallow.

Let’s add the Top Shop’s Ruched Side Funnel Neck Coat to Nixon’s affordable jacket search, which I am (reluctantly) jumping onto now.

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  1. Saw it here, Loved it, Wanted it, Had to have it… and as I was in London for a few days, ran straight to Topshop Oxford Circus & picked it up. Just don’t tell my mother that it’s not wool…!!

  2. Chicagoan checking in. That coat might get you through to December, but probably not any later than that. I do like it, though.

  3. Actually viscose is from trees and so is natural. But it is odd that its “wool mix” when theres clearly nothing woolly in there. It is a pretty coat though!

  4. I like the coat, but I find it interesting that it’s a “mixed wool” coat when there’s not a speck of natural fiber in there anywhere.

    Make sure your coat has at least 50% wool, it’ll be a hell of a lot warmer.