Black Snake Bone | Haute Macabre

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  1. LMAO, that is just too funny. I added those leggings to my wishlist yesterday afternoon! Great minds, eh…

    And yes, Cyberdog does some great stuff. Most of it’s geared towards the English rave crowd, but I’ve gotten several very cool dresses there, and a wicked black baby T with a white snake bone design running down the back. They used to do a really interesting line of clothing with a completely unique “pinstripe” fabric…instead of it just being straight lines of grey or white on a black background, the pinstripe lines looked kind of like the circuitry on the motherboard of a computer…it’s hard to describe so here’s a link…

    There’s a really cute coat on the site too that I’m now eyeing lustfully, but the dollar to *everything* exchange rate is so bad right now, especially to the UKP, I’ll probably hold off for oh, the next few years or so. At least when I lived there is was around $1.40/£1!!