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free people strappy black leather over the knee boots bondage

You know what’s worse than falling for a pair of shoes there is no way in Hell you could ever afford? Falling for a pair of shoes you can almost, kinda, maybe if I pack a bag lunch every day every day for a month sorta afford. Strappy over-the knee boots from Free People, $238.00.


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  1. They’re gorgeous, but I’d be so scared of wrecking them. I’m rough on shoes, and besides, I couldn’t put $238 worth of anything on the ground!

  2. I’m with you there; I can’t count the number of times I’ve had the thought “I don’t need to eat this month!” always followed by a rumble in the belly. These boots are definitely worthy though!

    And even if you wait to see if they go on sale, they won’t have anything close to your size! Grrrrrrhhh!