Camilla Welton | Haute Macabre

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  1. Hi all, – stumbled on your current web site accidentally while roaming around the internet this morning, and delighted that I did! I do like the design and colorings, but I really should point out that I’m having problems when it loads. I’m making use of WannaBe 1 internet browser for mac, and the side panel doesn’t align properly. i am fairly certain I have used exactly the same layout on a client’s website, but the menu seems fine on mine. I think the problem is at my end and perhaps it’s about time to update!

  2. Why must you continue to torture us with delicious designs that we shall never ever be able to afford? lol The flower coat is simply amazing. Clean lines, elegant, classy, and noir chic all at the same time.

  3. Love the clothing from Camilla. By the way, the last name is Wellton. =] Great, great blog! I’ll definitely be following it for now. I’ve been looking for a dark/gothic fashion blog for a while.