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Lunatic Fringe

Dolce Gabbana fringe burlesque black playsuit

Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2010 show has one word for you, and that word is Fringe.

Dolce Gabbana fringed black dress spring 2010

Knock it off: In order to avoid looking like an overly Gawthy carwash, might I suggest adding fringe to your wardrobe in small amounts? Perhaps this Long Fringe Soft Scarf (24.99)? Or you could just add a bit of fringe to an existing outfit- 6″ black Chainette Fringe ($2.48/ yd).

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  1. I love Lace, and adore fringe.. together it is awesome.. It’s definately a different look..
    I love having any color but red on and then POP– RED SHOES.. it’s a brilliant way to bring color to the –ever UNNOTICED FEET!!
    But… what caught my eye is the ADORABLE WAY the black anklet “nylon material, like tiny stockings” in black, which are elegant and very stylish, with that sophistication there, and then the brilliant red color that is wrapped around the lower leg and picks up again at the foot.. what a gorgeos way to have feet shown off in such a girlie, sexy and yet very playful way… I THINK it is a great fashion statement!!

  2. Actually, Chloe, The Used did not invent the phrase “lunatic fringe” I have no idea if they are up my alley- I don’t think I’ve ever heard them- but generally speaking,”lunatic fringe” is a derogatory term for those at the extreme edges of a political or social movement.

  3. love the D&G spring collection.

    are you telling me Spooky Carwash isn’t the look i should be aiming for??

    on a related note, still can’t decide what i think about socks/stockings with open-toed shoes.

  4. This article is very interesting but what interest me the most is the fact you name it after a song by The Used, I would not have thought they were up your alley at all