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RockLove Halloween Giveaway!

Haute Macabre Rock Love Halloween Maltese Giveaway

Haute Macabre and RockLove Designs have teamed up for a Halloween giveaway!

RockLove is offering one piece from the unreleased Imperial Collection, inspired by pre-1900’s communist military buttons and sovereign regalia in sterling silver, vermeil, and 14K.  Hand carved and cast sterling silver, four fleur-de-lis center a faceted black or blood red garnet, The Maltese Cross hangs from a dyed silk ribbon or sterling silver cable chain.

To win, check out RockLove Designs, and send a message via the contact page telling us your favorite jewelry design from the many collections.  A winner will be drawn and notified on Halloween from a random selection!

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20 Comment

  1. I’ve so enjoyed the RockLove site and here — reading the inspiration behind the pieces makes them extra special. Think I need to go remind the old man whose birthday’s coming up in a few weeks…. LOL

  2. I’ve bought the limited Repo The Genectic Opera necklace and i was very impressed with the work.So i would love to own something else from RockLove.

  3. This is exciting! I definitely sent a message. Whoever wins is SUPER lucky. RockLove’s stuff is amazing AND beautifully made.


  4. I’m entered. I know, as a guy, I have a really tough chance to win this one with all the ladies out there jonsing for a piece of the Rock Love, but a guy can dream eh?

  5. Even if I don’t win I will probably definitely buy myself the doll’s house key necklace. Its just too beautiful!