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Something Familiar

Treacy Valentino lace shoes

There’s something vaguely familiar about Philip Treacy’s lace shoes for Valentino.  They aren’t quite the same as Coppelia Pique’s lace stilettos, but I can’t shake the feeling that these new shoes were somehow inspired by them, at least in part.

Maybe I’m just a bit biased?

lace shoes valentino

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  1. The materials used in these shoes make them look like they’re a movement – like some flourish, which is really great, but still not particularly attractive.

    And the lace stillettos turned my world upside down. My desire and awe is grand and cannot be replaced by this pair!

  2. First ones = no go. It looks like someone’s raked through the bottom of their craft box, and hot-glued them to some run-of-the-mill heels. The second ones however, I love! They remind me of cobwebs or coral reef formations. They actually have some shape to them.

  3. * sorry, hit “submit” too soon. What I meant to say was that these “inspired” ones are not as classy. The bottom pair looks closer to high fashion though while the top set looks like a child’s craft project. I would prefer a pair of Coppelia Pique’s shoes anyday over these. They are far more class and far less fuss.

  4. No, I think you are correct, only I like the “inspiration” better than the “inspired.” The pair up top look like a child’s craft project while the bottom pair looks like high fashion.