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Bad Song. Good Video.

I highly recommend taking the time to play Skinny Puppy’s Wrong Rip Fixin instead of the song that comes with this video. The time signature is the same, and I promise that the entire experience will be vastly improved.

Please note the grill on the cat.

Edited to Add : Reader Ribrust took the time to dub over the video!

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  1. Wish the Skinny Puppy dub was still available – they seem to have taken it down.
    I hate Lady Gaga, or at least…I did until this I seem to have been taken in by the Cult of Gaga if only for her fantastic taste. I love this collection so much, and unlike photographerleia, I actually think she pulls them off quite wonderfully. I was left quite astonished! The music, still, not so much, though it’s significantly more tolerable than most of her crap.

  2. For all Lady Gaga’s outlandish outfits, her music is really saccharine and unimaginitive. She’s fun to look at, though, particularly when set to a Skinny Puppy song.

  3. I just freaking love that “Rah rah ah-ah, Roma roma ma, Gaga oh la la” bit so much. The rest of the song is okay, nothing special, but if she wrote the song around that tone (with that “Walk walk fashion baby, Work it move that bitch crazy” bit included) I think it might’ve be better. Also love that little bit of music at the beginning and the end, very cute and satirical.

    How long until we start seeing girls with bits of mesh over their painted fingernails? Stunning.

  4. I tried to watch the video once with the original music, and had to run away and wash out my ears with bleach to remove the awful.

    I like it MUCH better with Skinny Puppy. I watched the entire thing. 🙂 The video was good, although I’m not really sure what’s up with the twitchy claw hands. It looks like stimming…

  5. riburst, looks good, totally changes the video, i think her asthetics are so spot on for the last 10 years of club fashion although the music is just so main stream…..and somewhat boring, but I do think she is grand, I wish her music supported her performances better. next record i suppose

  6. I think my annoyance stems from the idea that you should wear the clothes and not let the clothes wear you. I’m 100% behind people wearing unusual clothes, but the people that effectively pull off even the most bizarre designs wear the clothes. With Lady Gaga it is so much of a gimmick to she how “out there” she can be that she doesn’t wear the clothes anymore. It’s the clothes that are there and she just happens to be the body inside of them. that’s not how it should go.

  7. The whole thing is on crack. I am soooo sick of her. If she had interesting ensembles usually I might be able to enjoy it, but half the time she does stuff for sock factor and the items themselves are freaking hideous. I’m sorry, I just can’t get behind it.

  8. i didn’t like the song at first, but it’s growing on me (though i think i prefer the songs from The Fame). the video is amazing, though — i keep rewatching it just to catch all the details, like the taxidermied bat on her forehead in one shot, or the distorted glowing spine in the cage/prison-like room in another. the sphynx kitty is great.

    but then a friend sent me this link to an article explaining in (somewhat poorly informed) depth how the video is really a mindcontrol tool for the Illuminati:

    and now i’m creeped out, mostly by the inane comments. someone needs to reread Robert Anton Wilson, stat. And Umberto Eco.

  9. I totally agree, I adore this video. However bad the song may be on its own, it’s not *as* bad when accompanied by the video 😀

  10. This is the 1st song by Lady GaGa that I don’t like, but the video itself is a great compensation for what the song lacks. The Alexander McQueen/Haus Of GaGa collaboration is fantastic–it has given me a plethora of inspiration. Like someone previously stated, I’ve also seen this on all the fashion blogs I’ve hit up, but it’s ok…it has captured fashion at its most creative.

  11. bit late on this post though, every fashion blog posted this vid a few days ago, just kidding…………gotta love those mcqueen shoes!