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Building Character

Gareth Pugh Seven New York

I really wasn’t kidding when I said I loved oversized hoods, so when I was oogling at Seven New York’s site and came across Gareth Pugh’s Black Waxed Hooded Long Coat, well … let’s just say that I have discipline.  I’ve been making due with an American Apparel Hooded Scarf quite nicely, usually paired with an All Saints Feathers Jacket, but that Pugh coat has got the UNF.

Let us pine together, since wanting builds character.


Shoulder Dress †  Waxed Lapel Wrap Jacket


A-Line Coat / Dress Leather Trouser

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7 Comment

  1. Yeah, yeah, hoods = good. I can only wear large roomy hoods because I have a lot of hair and I look ridiculous if my hair is up and I try to put a regular one over it. Now onto more pressing matters…I want those *shoes*!!

    [Leaves this website to stock up on shoes and boots because who knows when we will have such excellent choices again, and remember that more than ten-year drought where we could only choose from rounded-toe clunkers, it was a total nightmare and it was before eBay so a lot of us became good friends with our local shoe-repair people, and damn, I’m wasting valuable browsing time here, lol]

  2. Nom nom nom! That coat is so yummy, its edible 😮 I feel like whoever wears it instantly becomes the captain of an evil alien race. *is crazy now because of the extreme want want want for the coat*