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Etsy Holiday Gift Guide


Hand Felted Brain in a Jar, $29.00

Since tomorrow is Cyber Monday  (hoping to become the biggest ONLINE shopping day of the year), it seems like a good time to rev up our Etsy engines and suggest that when possible you  spend your hard earned dollars encouraging the creativity and hard work of your local and online DIY communities.


My winner for the holidays? My you-save-the-world, you-get-the-girl best-Christmas-present ever?

It’s better than a pony. It’s a dead unicorn.

Black Unicorn Taxidermy, $600

Some other ideas for those on a slimmer budget:


Fragmented Doll Parts Necklace, $100 † Hollow Book Flask Safe with Flask, $40

Never Lost Compass Necklace, $20 † Kitten Shark Cat Sweater, $32

Beluga Whale Feltidermy, $50 † Black Baby Goat Print, $7.70

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10 Comment

  1. Da mein Sofa schon ein bisschen auseinander fällt und überall Kratzer hat, würde ich mir gerne ein neues Sofa kaufen. Bin auf der suche nach einer Couch aus einem sehr robusten Material, da ich 2 Hunde habe, die noch sehr jung sind und manchmal sehr wild spielen. Hat hier jemand aus dem Forum auch Haustiere und kann mir bei der Auswahl des Stoffes einen Tipp geben?

  2. Sascha – Chicken has a bunch of outfits, but I reeeally need to get her that shark one. She hates wearing them (especially her elephant hat), but it makes me laugh, and that’s all that’s really important, isn’t it?

  3. I saw the creepy unicorn thing on Regretsy, it scared me.

    Also what’s up with the Beluga Whale Feltidermy, $50. $50!!!!???? For that????!!!