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Event & Giveaway : Dances of Vice

Dances of Vice

This coming weekend, November 20 – 22, is the three day Dances of Vice Festival in and about New York City.

The grand vision that is Dances of Vice is more than the name implies; it is the Dance of decadence, of opulence, of glamour in the old-fashion sense, and the unique bringing together of such like minds through themed evenings that combine Art, Music, Spectacle, and Dance.  Dances of Vice bring the myriad of magnificent influences of the past together in one club in a context that encourages originality and the avant-garde.

Each date has different events, and Haute Macabre has a pair of tickets for entrance to all three evening parties! Just leave a comment here describing your dream costume to wear to the Grand Shipwreck Ball to be entered to win.  The winner will be contacted Thursday, November 19!

dances of vice

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  2. My outfit would be something inspired by Sirens. Flowy white dress, and most of the detail in accessories and hair. The hair would have not only flowers, but also shells, pearls and a horn (to take something from the Astrological sign Capricorn). A cluster of things around the neck, and a few bracelets and rings on the arms and fingers. The makeup would probably be more natural/gold toned, with a scale-like design by the temples, as well as some parts of the arms and hands.


  3. If I were able to go to this year’s Dances of Vice Festival, I would wear a special dress made by a lovely friend of mine. It was a dress completely made of an old windbreaker jacket in a light seafoam green. She made a knee-length Rococo ensemble with a panel of mint ribbons cascading down the front panel of the dress. With little mint ribbon accents on top of bustles brought around the skirt portion. The theme is “Little Vibrant Mermaid”, incorporating the colors mint, dark sea foam, and a splash of magenta. I would wear a a piece of fishing net that caught starfish, shells, and pearls in my rococo inspired dark reddish brown hair. My makeup will look as though I came fresh from the pacific ocean with an eye catching mint into magenta gradient dazzled with a bit of glitter and pearls.



  4. Well let me see, I would have to go with the costume that I intended to wear yet was not able to pull together which I dubbed Celtic Steampunk. It would start off with a a John Bull style hat with brass goggles strapped around it. On top I would wear a military long coat with large leather lapels, most likely in a dark green wool. Under would be a brocade vest in a brown along with a white shirt, but the right sleeve of the shirt would be cut off to show off a bronze torc of two ravens. For pants would be a pair of patterned wool slacks. To finish it off would be a few trinkets hanging from my neck, made of wood or bronze with a similarly Celtic feel to them and a brass pocket watch and fob in my pocket to finish it off.

  5. My dream outfit I’ve thought up~
    It’s inspired by Marie Antoinette, and modern fashions influenced by her style. I have a thing for rich colors so the main scheme going on would be RedxWhitexBlack. The dress does it’s own justice, with Marie Antoinette inspired print and a really elaborate pattern in red and white. Lace arm-warmers and a fur stole to keep me a bit warm (especially while being on a ship! Though I’d probably freeze to death of happiness anyways), with knit tights and black heels to match. I would match it up with Gold and silver rings I wear on a regular, and a pearl necklace to act as an anklet to add some bling to my feet. The hair would be a softer 60’s style, big in a semi-updo decorated with flowers, and a black bow, and small dangling pearl earrings, but not too much to smother out the tiara on top. :3 The tiara’s probably the most colorful thing in the outfit, so it’ll practically make up for whatever other jewelry that -could- be worn with the dress. I feel the tiara gives that “sea themed” feel because of the way the crystals can shine, and the design itself remind me of coral, for whatever odd reason. The outfit would be really decorative, but not overkill so there would the “outfit points” would be easily identified throughout the outfit. <3

  6. I would wear a pannier skirt made in the shape of a giant hollow mouth, covered in fabric ruched and pleated to look like magnified lip texture. The lip-skirt would be divided in two sections, each with bars. In one section there would be a skeleton bird puppet behind gilded bars. The puppet is dressed in tattered, ornate clothes: lifting it’s lorgnette to it’s eye sockets and trembling. In the other section of the skirt there would be a skeleton bird puppet behind iron bars dressed in dull rags: raising it’s wing and shaking.
    The bodice would be made to look like an empty bird cage (based on a ribcage), and it’s “door” would be open.
    My coiffure would be an 18th century one. Atop of my head lies a giant ornate ship sinking/crashing into rolls of waved hair powdered gold and blue. There would be ragged skeleton birds dressed as pirates aboard the ship, slaying skeleton birds in more opulent clothing.
    My outfit is based on the French Revolution/Reign of Terror!
    The skirt is shaped like a mouth, because the Revolution had so much to do with under and over consumption. The coiffure is a sinking ship because, although based on noble ideas, the Revolution brought much death, and the resulting democracy (based only on the votes of white men) did not last very long. The hairstyle is also a parody of La Belle Poule (ship) headdress worn by Marie Antoinette to celebrate a French naval victory.

  7. I’d like this set up

    [URL=http://media.photobucket.com/image/victorian suit/chasemustang/Characters/LAF109_vestB.jpg?o=2][IMG]http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n123/chasemustang/Characters/th_LAF109_vestB.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    with a pair of gold rimmed spectacles and a standard 3/4 length black Victorian overcoat

  8. I will be wearing a seamonster dress covered in scales and beads with a tail! And I will have eleven minions wearing similarly decadent costumes, some as monsters, some dressed as shipwrecks! They will be doing a dance performance at 11pm on saturday night of the event! I’m so excited!

  9. I absolutely love Dances of Vice, although I haven’t been able to get my tickets yet for this year. As for my dream costume, I certainly have many ideas, but I suppose I shall go with my old stand-by.

    As tired as it may be, I must admit that I have costume envy for everything Eiko Ishioka designed in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, especially Mina’s red bustle gown with its amazing bustling and beautiful knife pleating at the hem (which I’m sure everyone has seen but can be found here: http://www.costumersguide.com/dracula/red6.jpg). To go with the shipwreck theme, I would love to see it done in a dark grey silk with light grey/blue silk organza trailing from the sleeves to the ground (even if it would kill me to see it done in anything but red). For the hat, I would want a small black tricorn adorned with dark blue and gray feathers and small train of sheer light grey fabric. For the rest, black vertically striped stockings with black heeled Victorian boots, a simple black cameo choker, black and grey chandelier earrings, and a black fitted “pirate coat” with silver buttons to protect me from the cold. Unfortunately, the actual costume I have lined up is not half so intricate.

  10. Yes Brian Viglione hangs with us DOV krew and often performs at the events. He has a hilarious costume planned for Saturday night (if it works out – we spent a whole day shopping for it and had some problems, it’s a rather unique “outfit”) so come if you can!

    I don’t have any ball gowns, and rarely dress to the 9’s for the events, but this round I’m going ALL OUT. In anti-gown protest I’ve gone the opposite… topless. Full body painted and bedazzled, wigged and tailed, I will be an evil siren mermaid with an entourage of dead sailor men I’ve lured to their watery grave. If you have time that afternoon, come to Dr. Sketchy’s (www.drsketchy.com), at which I’ll be modeling.

    Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of sit-ups lately, eep! I’m nervous I went a bit too ambitious with this crazy costume… I’ve never dressed up to this extent EVER.

  11. It is so wonderful that you have featured this amazing NYC event and Adrian’s photography on your site!!! He is a sheer pleasure to work with, and his work is extraordinary. <3

  12. I would wear the Marchesa ebony silk tulle ball dress with gold hand-embroidered lead appliqué . It is absolutely beautiful. I would pair it with a new pair of Alexander McQueen 10 inch stilettos, elbow length silk black gloves, and big emerald earrings and bracelets.
    Of course, that is my dream outfit….a very lovely dream to me.

  13. …is that Brian Viglione from the Dresden Dolls in the first pic? oh man, I wish I was in New York and could go, looks like tons of fun 🙂