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Haute Macabre Needs Your Help!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

As you may have noticed, we have that little shop tag at the top of our site that, sadly, has had nothing but a coming soon sign on it as long as we’ve been live.  We have been diligently searching for a screen printer to get our first round of merch going, but have been coming up short handed.

We are hoping one of our readers could possibly help us out with getting our merchandise printed!

Please contact info [at] hautemacabre [dot] com if you could think you could help out, with details about your pricing, turnaround time, and samples of your work!


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  1. Hi, this is Jessica Minutillo’s brother, Joe, and my lead singer for the band South Side Panic has a printing company called Start Today Printing. He’s a great guy, his products are great, and so are his prices (seriously, I’m not just trying to help him out). He even does the merchandise for my other group, so if you need some help, contact him at starttodayprinting@yahoo.com . Best of luck.

    – Joe