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Shoeturday UNF


This past weekend, I received an email with the subject line “SHOETURDAY UNF”, and I really couldn’t agree more.  Meet Alexander McQueen’s Titanic Ballerina Pump, which might be taking the whole steampunk thing to the next level.

I’m curious what the Madden knock offs will look like…

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  1. hmm, I think I will be the only one, not seeing the beauty in these…they seem very uncomfortable and somehow that metal thingie does not seem like its attached properly…hmm

  2. Its a shame I only comment on this blog when the content induces swearing……
    but holy FUCK they are some awesome shoes!!!! OMG. Want. Need. Now.

  3. I was in love when I 1st saw the runway press on these. Time has passed and they are still amazing. Too bad they’ll be in the 2k+ range if they get produced.

    And I’d doubt the ability to be knocked off if it weren’t for the Prada flower copies that showed up 18 months after those beauties were on the runway…I hadn’t expected anyone to try to copy those, so here’s to crossed fingers for an acceptable under $300 copy.

  4. Crap, lemme check on it guys! I’ve been having weird issues from my laptop lately, can you give me a run down of which articles aren’t showing, or is it all of them?

  5. Am I the only one who have not been able to see photos on this site? For the past 2 weeks many only have a box with a small X, what’s going on?

  6. This sounds amazing but I can’t see it! I’ve tried viewing your last two posts from my email, feedburner and on several different browsers and computers – both brokwn images 🙁