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The Vermin Collection


I discovered Reid Peppard‘s website thanks to an article on Juxtapoz. Working with creatures sourced from roadkill or pest control, Reid makes some of the best wearable taxidermy I’ve seen.

Photos by Anastasia Afonia


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  1. I’m with Sabine on this one. Consciously or not, it calls to mind the same “dominance over the little creatures” mentality that makes hunters so repulsive in my eyes.

  2. Sabine, check out Julia Deville’s stuff. She is also a vegetarian who works with naturally deceased critters, with reverence to the value of life, but I feel it’s more subtley, elegantly done. I think it’s her initial background in jewellery first then taxidermy training second, that gives her the edge and makes her work a bit more wearable.

    Sorry Reid if you’re reading and you’re offended by my comment. I rather like the dove/pigeon head one actually.

  3. Awwww~ That makes me really sad, actually. That first rat bears striking resemblance to my recently deceased, beloved little ratty. D;