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Blush Response: Eyebrows

After an extended hiatus brought on by Coilhouse production, making art, and personal reasons I can’t mention on public TV I am returned with sweets and flowers. What’s a few months among friends, right? Right? Have some candy and simmer down, toots. One of my ventures has been the re-launch of my own website, There, among art and photo posts, I’m writing beauty advice under the title of Blush Response, a tribute to one my favorite films, Blade Runner. And why shouldn’t you, fine Haute Macabre visitor, benefit too?

Thus I present the topic of the day: eyebrows. We all know that it’s ancient goth tradition to sport finely-rendered eyebrow reproductions upon our powdered visages. What remains a mystery is the science behind the geometry and placement of these brows, vital to facial expressions and looking generally put-together. Much can go wrong without understanding the two basic rules of eyebrow mastery. Observe:


This didn’t have to happen.

Click here to be whisked away to Biorequiem and find out how to avoid disaster, save money, and become the proud owner of perfect brows in just a few simple steps.

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  1. I don’t think I can ever dare to have just draw-on eyebrows. Maybe when I get older and start having thinner hair…. In any case, thanks for the link to the tute. Maybe I can use it to shape my eyebrows….


  2. This is fabulous! I’m VERY meticulous over my eyebrows, and get asked advice constantly on how I go about shaping mine.
    I have a very similar method. I’m sharing this toute suite!

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