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Earlier this month, I spent a week in Portland, OR, one of my favorite cities in the United States.  I did very little shopping, outside of spending a massive amount of time and money at Powell’s Books, but one place I did stop in was Flutter.  The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the fella above, and it kept getting better from there.

Packed with vintage wares, jewelry, and various ephemera, Flutter also carries hand made designs from Sonia Kasparian’s Urchin collection.  Each dress is organically created using various bits of material, jewelry, garments, and then assembled and re-created into what poofy prom dresses should all look like.

Should you find yourself in the Portland area, give yourself an hour or so to pick through the shop, located at 3948 N. Mississippi Ave.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a jewelry designer in Portland. I moved out here from NYC because the design scene was so neat and I found Flutter to be such a huge inspiration. I am now happy to say I am a designer for Flutter and have my line of sustainable jewelry and accessories in the shop. It is by far one of the best boutiques I’ve seen anywhere! Thanks for doing such a lovely post!


  2. Sonia Kasparian is a lifelong artist & designer. She shows her paintings at Butters Gallery in Portland, and has worked for Nike as a designer. Flutter does indeed have a website & online shop:

    & a page for Sonia’s Urchin Design creations:

    here is another link to her bridal gowns also!:

    I am a Portland native & family friend of Sonia’s, but I have yet to see these in person. Wonderful to see them here!

  3. Holla! I’m a Portland native (lived here my whole life :3), and I have to say that I do love Flutter, quite a bit. Those dresses are so fantastic (especially that velvet shrug-like confection), and I wish wish I could own one :3

  4. LOVE the shop-I couldn’t pull off any of that (I’m a bit of a minimalist myself) but gorgeous stuff!
    I really love Portland, if 95% of the residents there didn’t already do what I do for work, I would totally move there.

  5. Portland is a WONDERFUL city – and it’s sort of a secret in the US, since few people seem to know about it. (SF & Seattle get all the attention & Portland just minds it’s own business, quietly being wonderful.)
    I was just thinking yesterday how much I’d like to move there & wondering how the employment situation is these days. Now you’ve given me yet another bit of inspiration to look into it. 🙂