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Four-Point Fashion Assault 3 – A Spartan Resolution

Since we last met here, I’ve stayed true to the dark side, but there is one major change: my fashion spending has slowed to a near-halt. You see, I have decided that, having as much clothing as I do should preclude me from adding anything to my obese closets until next winter. That’s right, a whole year without shopping.

It might sound insane at first, especially if you consider that, until now, I shopped almost monthly. However, in recent days my longing for order and a sort of zen sensibility has amplified. My soul screams each time I gaze into the wardrobe abyss before dressing. The epithets may change, but the meaning remains the same: I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF.

And it’s true. I don’t know what I own anymore and it’s nearly impossible to locate whatever I feel like wearing in the chasm. I have been battling with ways to organize, to catalog, to make sense of it all, but until a massive culling occurs, the problem shall remain. So, can a rabid fashionista abstain from acquisition and evade the lure of the shiny and the new?  This is my experiment.

I have no idea as to how this will play out. Perhaps my fashion blogging will get desperately enthusiastic, strung high on longing. Maybe, in an effort to shop vicariously, I’ll beg you to buy new things and post photos of yourselves in them here. I might start a folder on my desktop dedicated to a very few select things I simply can’t live without and will buy once my fashion fast is over. Because I haven’t had much need for innovation, I’m especially looking forward to getting into the wardrobe remix spirit and finding new ways to wear things.

The last few clothing items I purchased were from H&M’s first round of [admittedly awesome] fall fashion and I stopped there, pledging to spend no more, not counting undergarments. My goal is to actually get rid of stuff throughout the year, hopefully resulting in a streamlined, organized collection of nothing but créme de la créme. Quality over quantity, at last.

Sometimes I even wonder if I’m slowly developing a Cayce Pollard-style fashion allergy, at the apex of which I will reduce my wardrobe to pure basics, removing anything that even hints at trends and embellishments. Then I look at my small collection of Fluevogs and know in my heart I am safe.

For more photos and outfit breakdown, clickinate on DIS.

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  1. serious decluttering rules … ruthless slash and burning, you will not regret it. joy is a closet with five beautiful pieces in it. well, maybe a few more than five, but well-considered is important.

  2. I’ve been having these very same feelings myself. However, I’m going abroad very soon, and I look forward to packing strategically as a practice run for simplifying my wardrobe as a whole.

    That being said, if you really are aiming to thin out your clothing selection, can we look forward to Ebay sales? Eh? Ehhhh?

  3. Amen, grrrl. I feel like it will take a full time job just to dejunk and minimize my closet to the point where it’s actually functional. I applaud your resolve. Cayce would be proud.

  4. Congrats Zoetica! I’m definitively behind you on this one.
    Imagine how much money you’ll save, and then be able to use towards some awesome piece of jewelry or something! (I have no concept of ‘saving’ just to save, sorry! ;>)

  5. Man, over the past year alone I must have donated like 6 or so bags to Goodwill. While I don’t actually BUY most of my clothes (A vast majority of my wardrobe is handmade.) they just kept STACKING UP. Now I’ve just been trying to get basics and interesting bits here and there that I can use often. Getting rid of things feels so so good!

    I also double to Cayce ref. I need to reread that book, stat.

  6. I’m not that crazy over clothes. But I am crazy about getting rid of all the clutter in my life. I hope you find ways to get rid of your unwanted and unused clothes. And maybe earn from them too.


  7. I’m loving Rachel’s attitude. I am trying to do that too. And yet, and yet… sometimes the whole dynamic shifts and suddenly you want to rock a few new silhouettes! Ah tis very difficult…

  8. Zoetica – If you did *need* to shop, you could always just send some of your old clothes to me to balance it out. 😉 You have such great stuff. I’ve seen some of your outfits on biorequiem. (And I did not realize you wrote for HM until you guys posted that pic the other day.)

  9. While I have a feeling your wardrobe is waaay more awesome than mine – I would happily join with others and not shop clothing for a year. I have a lot of cool stuff I just don’t wear, so perhaps it is a case of if it doesn’t get a look in in the next twelve months someone else gets to appreciate it …

  10. I just might try to rally the troops to see who wants to do it with me. Sharing wardrobe remix photos and eBay/donation records and such. Yesssss, yesssss.

  11. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Not sure I could go a whole year though. My wardrobe has drastically changed in the last year and I feel like I’ve finally acquired some solid base pieces to survive as a fashionista without anything new. I look forward to seeing how you do, and perhaps once I pay off my current Etsy orders, I’ll follow suit…

  12. I told myself last January that I was going to not buy anything new thinking I could just shop 2nd hand and in my closet. I love getting into that remixing mode. Its like, “whoa i own some cool shit” anyway, i failed at it. BUT am attempting it again.

    Since last Jan i’ve gotten ride of 5 trashbags full of clothes/shoes. I finally have more hangers than clothes. Still, its a bit ridiculous. Sigh.


  13. I am truly in awe of your dedication! I wish I had the same self-restraint you do. I NEED to stop shopping & slim down my ever-growing closet, that has now exploded to not just the closest and bureau drawers.

    Hmmm, this is truly a fantastic idea. It needs to be done. Maybe if we all did it together? Become window shoppers ONLY, for a year, really learn the truth of quality over quantity. Just an idea.

    Very inspiring post!

  14. I end up donating stuff about every 3 years thinking “someone is either gunna be completely confounded or pleasantly surprised”. In recent years, I’ve adopted “get only layering basics and spend the money on boots and jackets” because it works very well for me. I also think I’m at the age where I’m really cementing and refining what style+silhouette I like, rather than what trend is out there-meaning I’m getting more specific than just grabbing anything Black as a requirement.

    I get a LOT of free tshirts because of what I and my boyfriend do, and I can only put so many towards dojo training clothes and sleep shirts. After a while, some one at the SalVal is going to start sporting some seriously interesting outfits with the occasional tshirt from an obscure electronic band. lol

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