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Haute Macabre Shop Launch

Haute Macabre has finally opened up our SHOP!

Thanks to a design by Courtney Riot, and screen  printing by Kai and Gipsy, our merchandise line has finally launched!  Quantities are currently limited, so orders are currently on a first come, first serve basis.

Haute Macabre Smoke & Ink T-Shirt Dress:


Available in Sizes Small – XL

  • Seamless, Raw-Edged T-Shirt Dress
  • 100% Fine Jersey Cotton
  • Medium is approximately 32″ in total length
  • Loose-fitting on top, snug around the bottom
  • Raw edges

Click for Size Chart

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Photos by John Ashton-Keller (Gothiphilia)

22 Comment

  1. In general, us curvy ladies do very badly with the drapey style that’s so popular lately and you teeny chicks here love. On us it just looks sloppy. Fitted stuff is sooo much better. Cute little jackets? Corset-styled stuff? We can do those if you can!

  2. Hi Curvy Laydeez-

    So, we don’t really want to do just plain old T’s. Keeping that in mind, could you link or post images of some looks that you would be into? Samantha and I were both built on the same model (seriously, we’re both 5’2″) so we could use some suggestions for other body types!


  3. Samantha, “she’s wearing a size small” is why it works for her despite being short. You do *not* want to see this cut on someone who’s 5’4″ and has XL curves.

    Short and/or XL versions (and hip measurements on the size chart) for me too, please!

  4. How badly do I need this dress? The answer is very. Very badly. Do you accept kidneys as forms of payment? Mine are juicy and ripe for the black market organ trade.

  5. @Sally

    Giiiiirl that’s why we get to wear the hot platforms though. =)
    (i’m 5’3″)

    I’ll be wearing it as a minidress-which is I think the intention… with my alice and olivia wedges. and it will rule.


  6. That is sexy!

    Could you please make a version that’s a little shorter in the torso next? Unfortunately the long-top style makes some of us shorties look even shorter.