Induced Epidemics Recap | Haute Macabre

Induced Epidemics Recap

Mitosis needle felted rabbits Zoe Williams

Mitosis I- V, needle felted dividing bunnies by Zoe Williams

Thanks to everyone who came out and made our first event, Induced Epidemics, a rousing success! You overflowed the Chaos Gallery almost from the moment we opened, drank all the booze (twice!), bough some art, and looked damn good doing it. Here are a few pictures from Zoetica’s camera for those of you that missed all the fun.

Vampirabat Vamp Lorraine Clint Catalyst boot licking

Vampirabat and Clint Catalyst do horrible things to wonderful boots.

Perish Roxy Contin Feather Leather Haute Macabre art show

Perish and Roxy Contin

Andy Yang paintings Induced Epidemics art show

Andy Yang’s teeny weeny paintings

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Zoetica Ebb Haute Macabre staff Induced Epidemics


Clint Catalyst Vamp Lorraine boot licker

Clint Catalyst


Courtney Riot

Cherry Vega, Chloe St. Reagan, Zoetica Ebb

Cherry Vega, Chloe St. Reagan, and Zoetica

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