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Loved To Death steps into the Real World

Loved to Death has been an HM favorite for a while, and we have covered the line before. Now I am pleased to announce that LTD has made the giant leap from the intarwebs to the Real World, with a new storefont in San Fransisco at  1681 Haight St. With all of the jewelry and taxidermy (and odd combinations of the above) that you would expect, plus antiques, art, and general natural history items, the new shop draws obvious comparisons to LA’s Necromance. Loved to Death has it’s own take on the genre, however- the art is fantastic and there are lots of  handmade goodies. For those of you not in the Bay Area, of course, the website has been updated to reflect much of the new stock.

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  1. Wandered in there a few weeks ago – it’s amazing. Very museumlike, lots to see! I hope they do well! It’s great to have a store like this in my city.