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Miss Sixty Winter 2010

I tend to pretty much ignore anything produced by Miss Sixty, but when Frankie Sanford made the headlines a few days ago in these awesome shorts, I figured maybe I should take another look. I mean, I don’t even wear shorts (all shorts of any length look perverse on me. It’s the ass),  but I kinda want these. I mean, there is so much going on in ten inches of material…

BTW, if you like the fake-garters look Frankie is rocking , House of Holland Mock Stocking Tights are about $17.

Anyhow, proving that you can find something cute almost anywhere, here are a couple of of  other cute things from Miss Sixty. Please ignore the eye-bleedingly horrid skirt in the first shot.

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  1. Omg I don’t think I can live without those shorts. I can pull them off, I have the butt for shorty shorts. Like I didn’t have enough stuff to make 😛