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8020 mayne wedge

I am torn, friends.  I cannot decide if I think these 80%20 Mayne Wedge Booties are awesome, fantastic, and the new object of my lust and affection, or if they are utterly hideous and I should avert my eyes from them.
What say you?

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  1. I agree with Heather. Initially I thought, “WOW” those are unique! Then i’ve seen them a couple more time on here, and when in doubt, sleep on it a week. and if you can’t live without them, then you have an answer. Usually the doubt is valid however.

  2. They’re truly interesting, which is hard to achieve. They make me think Terry de Havilland meets Louis XIV meets Wild West.I think they could look pretty chic with some tight (and perhaps, a little faded) black 80’s punk jeans .

  3. I think they are a bit much to be worn with tights. But I would LOVE to see these peeking out from pants or a long skirt.

  4. The 80s were bad enough the first time around. Please don’t spend your dosh on reliving them this way. And most other ways too.

    Think: “Fluevogian swooshes”, not “this would make much better material for a couch.”

    Sorry if that was brutal, but who can afford to be Imelda these days? When you see the right shoe/boot, there will be no questioning whether you love it or hate it. Now if only relationships could be so easy…

  5. Uggo. They just aren’t “out there” enough for being that uggo. I know that probably doesn’t make alot of sense, but I’m too weary to articulate myself properly.

  6. I don’t mind the shape, but personally, seeing floral patterns on women’s clothing/accessories makes me cringe just the same as seeing a woman with a little butterfly tattoo on her shoulder blade or a rose on her hip. As if people wouldn’t be able to tell you’re female if you weren’t covered in Lisa Frank stickers. I say yuck.

  7. Like most fashion items, I think they could be beautiful if styled well on the right person. I’d love to see these on.

  8. ya know, they would have been fine, if they toe was different. I think the toe kills it for me-something a bit more like this:

    or even something extreme like this toe: http://resources.shopstyle.com/pim/1d/56/1d563f9843a2c625db3f94d48a6287df.jpg

    But as is, it’s sort of falling flat for me, and landing in “close, but no cigar” category.

  9. Um, they do look a little “Lydia Deetz at the rodeo,” but I think in person, with the right outfit, they’d be great.

  10. I should love them. They have beautiful damask-esque pattern, studs, and are black. Yet… the wedge just doesn’t do it for me, not to mention the toe shape does nothing to enhance the shoe. I vote no. As much potential as these have, they just don’t quite meet it.

  11. I’m pretty torn on these too. I saw them a few weeks ago and was utterly fascinated, in that “do I love it or hate it?” kind of way. I eventually decided that I thought they’d look much better with some solid black leather, in with the embossed. It’s just too much, with the embossed leather, the rivets, AND the swirly design on the back of the wedge.

  12. I see your dilemma. They’ve got the quality of being so ugly they’re awesome. But over the years I’ve learned something important; when in doubt, they’re actually utterly hideous.