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Bondage Pants Out, Bandage Pants In

Stolen Girlfriends Club

It doesn’t take a particularly subtle eye for fashion trends to notice bandage pants cropping up everywhere in the S/S 10 collections. I love the look on, although with my thighs  I’m leaning towards the lined ones like the ones from EG (below),  as I fear the endless parade of muffin-tops the unlined ones could cause. I rather wonder if I could DIY these with an old pair of skinny black jeans and a ton of elastic. If it works, I’ll let you know.


Topshop (pic from Kingdom of Style)

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  1. Oh god, you’re right. It’s unfortunate we always have to think of the people that wear trends with absolutely no editing eye. I agree that lined is the way to go for most of us and the 0% body fat teens can have the former.

  2. Ok, the FIRST thing I thought of for the Stolen Girlfriends Club pants was “jesus christ they are going to be a pain in the ass to put on. I’m going to get my foot stuck on ever damn hole going down.” and then immediately afterward “ohhhhh I’m going to have flesh bubble with the upper part, like woah.”

    Love the look but I’ll echo your sentiment on going for a more covered look, despite my daily 1hr+ training sessions!

    COOL looking though, definitely cool looking.