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Blissed Out

bliss lau chain and leather harness, arm harness

It’s been a while since I stopped by the Bliss Lau website. Good heavens, the things these people do with a bit of chain and leather…

bliss lau chain and leather harness, fetish fashion


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  1. Came here directly from bliss’ URL, where I had one of the proverbial “Surely They’ve Covered…” moments.

    & by they, we know I mean


    Yet, oh:

    I believe it might be time for an update in the land of Haute Macabrery.

    So many drool-worthy items there; my impecunious ass and I are in dire need of a little game I play called ‘Post & Pretend.’

    (Ya comprehend?)

    Here’s to an explosive 4th!

    x o x