Caught in the Crossfire | Haute Macabre

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  1. Loving the summer suggestions! I am always completely stumped as to how to maintain my style in the summer, yet remain comfy. More summer posts would definitely be appreciated. Thanks, guys <3

  2. Do they make bikinis? As much as I love these designs, realistically I don’t think I’d wear a one piece. They are super fierce, but working my teenage years at the YMCA left me with a severe disdain for white tummy/tan limb syndrome.

  3. @Samantha: same with me. I wish I had a storage to put all my clothes cause they are taking over my small apartment. I have a huge bag of swimsuits I never wear because I hate the beach and rarely go swimming. It’s a conundrum.

    I like the 2nd swimsuit.

    1. @ffiend – I only have the storage because of an incredibly unexpected cross-country move, but it is, in fact, my $100 a month life-saving crap-reducing miracle.

      Dear boxes of clothing, kitchen ware, & dead things nestled in the dark of North Hollywood, Momma misses you, but glad you are not currently here cluttering my apartment.

  4. For some reason, I own TONS of bikinis, despite hating beaches and swimming and the day star. They are all currently in a storage unit, where they belong.