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Deal Breakers

My husband just made a deal with me : He will buy me the Bakers Farah boots that Sharon TK was wearing at dinner the other night that I am lusting over IF I buy something that isn’t black.

So, comrades, help me pick something out!  I’m at a loss and seem to have tunnel vision for the darker shades.  Red?  White?  I have a feeling that gray would be a deal breaker.

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  1. Go for a nice burgundy or plum colour, if it works with your colouring. If not, you can’t go wrong with white. I recently bought a this lovely white draped top and it fits in surprisingly well with my all-black wardrobe.

  2. Werd. Sometimes I go for olive green or burgundy. But I always use the excuse that my hair is all the “color” I need.

    Do colorful socks that hide under Sharon’s boots count or is that cheating?

  3. I vote for gold 😀 or nude. I’m in love with both those colors right now they go so well with the black grey and cream I’ve been wearing lately.

    Although knowing your look as I do, I think you should go with some red driving gloves, they’ll add a nice dash of color to an all black outfit.

  4. Haha – Go get something in a Red/Black Taffeta or Duponi Silk. (or go get some Dupoini Silk and make something for yourself – would that count?) Its a nice accent for someone with black leather in a wardrobe. 😀 😀 😀

  5. Editing my previous reply because I’ve suddenly remembered there was a pic of you in the authors page – dark eyes, dark hair, pale skin? Definitely go for dark red. Something blood-red-colored, and you’ll look fantastic.

  6. I am here only to offer best wishes. I, too, only buy black and as such cannot think of a single thing to suggest! Good luck!!!

  7. neutral pink is fab with black. I never even liked pink until about a year ago but then i discovered how nice it is surrounded by black.

  8. Wow, the boots *stares*

    I’d definitely go with any shade of red, maybe a darker one as has been suggested above… but it depends on your eye and skin color; I look good in crimson, for example, because I’m a brunette with dark brown eyes and very pale skin. But if you have, say, green eyes, maybe emerald could be an interesting choice.

    You can always go for white (not a skirt or jacket, something less visible) or grey… although I guess your husband is hoping for something more colorful here.

  9. This might be a cliche at this point, but I’d go with a red dress from the ’40s or ’50s. The silhouettes from those particular decades are extremely flattering on all body types and make you look like sex on wheels. Whether you buy a genuine vintage piece from eBay or a reproduction from a store like Stop Staring, the dress is guaranteed to make your boy’s jaw DROP. Then everybody wins.

  10. My color staples that work with my all black and gray wardrobe are jewel tones, especially emerald. American Apparel’s deep teal is actually one of my favorite colors.
    Think about your eye color, buy what makes them pop or amplify?

    Wine is always a winner as well, bordeauxs, merlots, cranberry, etc.

  11. This is a win-win situation! Also, I think you should buy sexy coloured lingerie…technically it’s not cheating and I’m sure your husband won’t complain!

  12. with my slightly hippie look, turquoise goes great against black; and it’s not something “everyone” is wearing.

  13. get a colored BAG. then you don’t have to commit to it all the time.

    or a great dark wash jean jacket. both are indispensable.

  14. Ha ha ha. I’d go for black and white striped hose, but a nice deep red flower would look cool, too.
    And don’t forget, orange and black is always classic.

  15. I would go for a deep red or crimson. It will always match blacks and looks stunning against grey. Something like a silk scarf won’t overpower but will bring extra depth to an outfit.

  16. A deep emerald dress with black accessories is stunning. I don’t know you personally so I don’t know what your complexion is, but emerald is gorgeous and not so “gothy cliche” as red or purple.

  17. I went crazy last week and bought a dress that has a black background BUT it has big, brightly coloured art-nouveau flowers all over it. I wore it to go see my mum and she almost had a heart attack! Maybe you could try something like that?

  18. I tend to go with violet or indigo or neon pink…something bright and almost tacky works so well with blacks and grays