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Ebay Find of the Day

I just got this in from eBay seller tambukiki, it is just as awesome and comfy as I was hoping it would be, and I’ve already found about three more ways to wear it. For those of you having trouble finding it, the auction title was “GRAY Twist Twisted Scarf Hoodie AVANT GARDE Cardigan S

About $25.

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  1. This is a copy of the Italian label, Mario’s SS 07 piece done in sheer black wool. I came across it in the Liborius boutique in Reykjavik. F21 also copied it last year in heather grey cotton.

  2. I’m bought a ton of stuff from Tambukiki over the past 6 months. AMAZING seller. Completely sweet and gets stuff out to you fast. And browse through her stuff, lots of gems in there.

  3. Love this so much :3 Damn, didn’t want to add anything else to my new years wishlist!

    Got a direct link for it? Having trouble finding it :/

  4. Any chance of a direct link? I love this and have trawled through 60 odd pages of her ebay store and cannot find it anywhere. Failing a link the auction title would be much appreciated so I can at least narrow down my search.