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eBay Seller: Cokoseller

So I have not (yet) actually bought anything from eBay seller cokoseller. Therefore I cannot tell you what the quality is like. If anyone has, let us know- because that jacket is Buy It Now at $59, and looks a whole lot like the MuuBaa jacket I blew the better part of a month’s rent on earlier this year. And I am of course wanting the leggings as well, because I am some sort of legging junkie.

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  1. wow, thanks for sharing this seller with us. I really love their leggings. I like the last two pictures posted on here as well but can’t find them on their ebay store.. hopefully they come back in stock cuz I’d love some.

  2. … i really dont get the point on these leggins. they are just leggins that are cut with a scissor…actually an unbounded cheek to sell them as designer-stuff! every child can do it better and the idea is not new at all!

  3. Looks like they ripped the Rick Owens (?) jacket (even took images frm a website I can’t recall) and made a copy of it or something.

  4. ijustboughtajacketidontneedanother*oooommmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh

    don’t have the measurements up there, though, and sometimes things from asia are like impossibly small for my “small” Caucasian frame

  5. Oh god I would shell out for that right this second if I wasn’t 6′ – I know in my heart of hearts that those sleeves would end about at my shoulders. šŸ™

  6. Those leggings are making me want to go buy a pair of hideous thermal long johns and shred the shit out of them, but I fear I’ll just wind up looking like a gutter punk with Chanel accessories.